You can signup for Cub Scouts with Pack 455 at anytime!

Pack 455 meets once a month as a Pack on the last Monday of the month, at 6pm inside the Greenbrook Clubhouse 18222 Santa Joanana, Fountain Valley, and the Dens meet once or twice a month as well. In addition, we usually schedule one or two outdoor activities in a month as well (hikes, fishing, camping, etc...). These activities are usually fully funded by the Pack.

In Cub Scouts, each grade level is it's own Den with it's own name (K - Lions, 1st - Tigers, 2nd - Wolves, 3rd - Bears, 4th - Webelos, 5th - Arrows of Light). All these Dens together make up what we call the Pack. Every Cub Scout receives a handbook (paid for by Pack 455), and throughout the year they work on adventures from this handbook. In doing so they will receive awards and badges ultimately leading to their rank award at the end of the school year. But we don't just stop at the end of the school year. Many Packs take the summer off, but Pack 455 continues to do fun activities in the summer like kayaking, climbing, beach bonfire, fishing, whale watching, etc...

Pack 455 has been operating in Fountain Valley for over 50 years. We are currently chartered by the Greenbrook Homeowners association, so most of our meetings take place at their clubhouse. All our leaders are parent volunteers. There are no paid positions within the Pack. We encourage parents to participate as much as they can. We do a lot of hands-on activities that will require supervision and help at times. We also ask that parents help in leading activities from our handbooks from time to time. And we're always looking for parents that can go the extra step to help lead a Den or volunteer for other positions such as treasurer, recruiter, or fundraiser. 

When you're ready to officially register for scouting with Pack 455, you can do so online here
There is a one-time registration fee ($80-$160 depending on the time of year you sign up). Yearly dues are currently $200 paid in December. The only other expense is purchasing the uniform (shirt with badges, shorts, belt, neckerchief, and slide; hats and socks are optional). 

Once you register for scouting with Pack 455 you'll be granted more access to this website including our digital calendar and email notification system. We also have a Facebook page that we keep up to date with most of our events and photos

Commonly asked questions:
Do we have to attend every meeting?

No. Attendance for almost all activities is optional. Every scout is given a handbook. Dens work from this handbook throughout the school year. Most times if you miss a meeting, you can make up the missed adventure on your own. 

How does the Pack pay for most events?
Once a year the Pack has a Popcorn fundraiser where we sell gourmet popcorn to our friends and family and also at booths outside of grocery stores. We have been very successful in years past with this fundraiser and have managed to keep a healthy bank balance from it. Participation in the fundraiser is not required, but the scouts do get prizes for hitting certain goals, and most goals can be reached by signing up for one or two booth shifts.

Are masks required to be worn?
Masks are currently required for all indoor events regardless of vaccination status. Masks are currently optional for everyone for outdoor events.

For any additional questions, please email


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